Diversity Perspectives Seminar Series


Mission Statement

The Diversity Perspectives Seminar Series is a trainee-hosted event that contributes to the ongoing, university-wide discussion on diversity and inclusion in academia. Each speaker visit will also provide opportunities for marginalized trainees to share personal experiences and discuss strategies for navigating the increasingly-competitive job market.

A key objective is to provide cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural interactions between diverse trainees to enable postdoctoral scholars and graduate students to share, learn about, and improve the experiences of currently marginalized members of the Stanford community.


2019-2020 Planning Team


Catherine Tcheandjieu

Cardiology Postdoc


Nathaniel Richey

Chemical Engineering Postdoc


Shahzad S. Khan

Biochemistry Postdoc


Structural Biology Postdoc


Santiago Correa

Material Sciences & Engineering Postdoc

Program Advisors


Amy Fan

Immunology PhD Candidate


Matthew Gebbie

Material Sciences & Engineering Postdoc


Steve Lee

H&S Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion


2019 Inaugural Event


Dr. Michael Penn earned his B.S. from Morehouse College and his M.D.-Ph.D. at UCSF. Michael left UCSF to work at Genentech in Marketing and Business Development roles for the next 9 years and was then recruited to become a Vice President at the Gladstone Institutes, focusing on diversity, mentoring, and strategy; then served as CEO of the Gladstone Foundation. He is also a co-author of Finding Your North and co-founder of the non-profit, Building Diversity in Science.  In 2017, Michael moved on to tackle some independent ventures, including founding Health Equity Ventures--an emerging venture fund, consulting for UCSF and advising digital health startups. His sole focus is on enabling the development of talent, technologies, and companies that enable wellbeing for all, especially vulnerable populations.

“Career Success through Experimental Rigor and Diversity”
3:30PM - 4:30PM
Clark Center, Rm S360

Trainees often spend considerable time steeped in fear about their future careers. This talk will reassure students that fear—while understandable—can be managed. Using skills honed and developed in their laboratory experiences, attendees will learn how to repurpose lab skills into unfair advantages to leverage on their career journeys. The path to success will be further illuminated through the speaker’s candid, funny and sometimes challenging personal stories.

Trainee Roundtable
10:30 - 11:30 AM
Black Community Services Center

This session is a closed session for trainees (postdocs and students) to ask Dr. Penn about his personal journey and to discuss diversity, inclusion, and equity issues and advocacy.