Diversity Perspectives Seminar Series


Inaugural Event

April 18, 2019


Dr. Michael Penn earned his B.S. from Morehouse College and his M.D.-Ph.D. at UCSF. Michael moved to Genentech for the next 9 years and then was recruited to become a VP at Gladstone, focusing on diversity, mentoring, and strategy. In 2017, Michael moved on to tackle some independent ventures, including founding H.E.L.L.A. Healthcare Ventures (HHV) consulting for UCSF and Miya Health.


Mission Statement

The Diversity Perspectives Seminar Series is a trainee-hosted event that contributes to the ongoing, university-wide discussion on diversity and inclusion in academia. Each speaker visit will also provide opportunities for marginalized trainees to share personal experiences and discuss strategies for navigating the increasingly-competitive job market.

A key objective is to provide cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural interactions between diverse trainees to enable postdoctoral scholars and graduate students to share, learn about, and improve the experiences of currently marginalized members of the Stanford community.


Current Planning Team


Amy Fan

Immunology PhD Candidate


Matt Gebbie

Material Sciences & Engineering Postdoc

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